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What is the Directory of Opportunities?

The Directory of Opportunities is an online resource developed for parents, teens and youth to access information about the available sports, fitness, health and nutrition, and recreation opportunities on base and in the communities surrounding each installation for youth and teens ages 5 to 18 of all abilities. To learn more about the Navy YSF Program, visit the About the Navy YSF Program page.

Find Opportunities for Teens and Youth!

The Directory makes searching for activities, both on and off base, incredibly simple! You’ll be able to find useful information such as: the name of the organization, contact information, physical location, distance from home and installation and information regarding the vital safety checks conducted for each Navy YSF program. However, listing an organization in the Directory does not in any way imply endorsement of the program.

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    Find opportunities to be active, join a team, learn sportsmanship and leadership skills and—of course—have fun! Youth and teens can jump into a variety of sports and events including baseball, softball, basketball, cheerleading, flag football and soccer.

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    Get involved in a range of exciting activities that strengthen the body while entertaining the mind. Youth and teens have their choice of programs like dance, martial arts and swimming.

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    Health & Nutrition

    Learn skills and habits to promote healthy living in a hands-on environment. From cooking to gardening, youth and teens can find new ways to have fun while staying healthy.

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    Outdoor Recreation

    Adventure, learn, discover, explore and do a whole lot more in the great outdoors. Youth and teens can gain knowledge, skills and an appreciation for nature in all of these awesome programs.

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    Motor Skill Development

    Get an early advantage physically and academically with these active programs for children ages 3 to 5. Each program is designed to promote learning of basic movement patterns while enhancing fine and gross motor skills.

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Organizations and Installations

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