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Core Service Areas

The Navy YSF Program is designed to provide Navy family members with a variety of opportunities to adopt as part of a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the Navy YSF Program is to offer all eligible participants, regardless of their parents’ duty station assignment, a range of sports, fitness, health and nutrition, outdoor recreation, and motor skill development activities.

All Navy YSF Programs must meet the requirements within each of the five Core Service Areas: (1) Sports; (2) Fitness; (3) Health and Nutrition; (4) Outdoor Recreation; and (5) Motor Skill Development.

Resources to Meet Requirements

When Navy YSF Programs cannot independently meet the Core Service Area requirements through on-base resources, Programs must identify existing needs and determine whether partnerships need to be developed with off-base organizations.

This Directory of Opportunities will serve as an important resource for Navy YSF Programs to use as a tool for planning and implementing programming to develop partnerships and to meet the Navy YSF Program requirements. Listing an organization in the Directory does not in any way imply endorsement of the program. However, the YSF Program will be able to use the information provided in the Directory to identify if a partnership with an off-base organization may occur.

Information for CYP Professionals

The Navy YSF Program ensures consistency in program offerings as Navy families move from installation to installation. The goal of the Core Service Areas is to introduce a variety of opportunities to youth so they can experience a full range of activities which promote a healthy lifestyle and lifelong interests. The Navy YSF Program is designed to ensure that as Navy families move, their children can rely on having consistent opportunities available that they find fun and challenging.