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YSF & Community Opportunities

Fundamental Principles

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) National Standards of Youth Sports provides a foundation for a quality YSF Program. Their goal is to make sports and activities safe and positive with a set of carefully chosen requirements. These nationally recognized standards have been adopted through a formal partnership agreement between Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and NAYS and are requirements for Navy YSF Programs. Although the standards focus on organized youth sports opportunities, the philosophies, ethics and beliefs embedded in the standards are applicable to a variety of sports and fitness activities and programs. These are the criteria required of all NAYS and Navy YSF programs:

  • Youth receive positive instruction to build basic motor skills;
  • Administrators (both professional and volunteer), volunteer coaches and officials are well-trained, evaluated and held responsible in their roles and responsibilities;
  • Parents complete an orientation program to understand the impact that sports may have on their youth’s development; and
  • The NAYS National Standards for Youth Sports are used as a guide for operating youth sports programs.

How Opportunities are Included in the Directory

The organization or opportunity selected to be included in the Directory does not in any way imply endorsement of that organization or that program. However, ensuring the safety of all individuals involved with the Navy YSF programming is the number one priority for the Navy YSF Program. As a preliminary step in determining the safety of a program, information is gathered through self-reports from each organization to see if the opportunity meets four essential criteria: Background Checks, Instructor/Coach Training, Officiator Training and Parent Meetings. The information collected is available for parents, youth, teens, and CYP Professionals to help them determine which opportunities meet the requirements. In order for a Navy YSF Program to partner with an off-base organization, CYP Professionals must take the necessary steps to determine that the opportunities offered by that organization meet all four of the essential criteria.